April 7th, 2018

The Journal Blacklist additions Monster Cable Headphones , Department of Homeland Security

These two institutions have been added to the National Journal of Truth Blacklist. These are organizations, companies or people that one should not do business with because of unfair practices, cheating consumers and other such acts.

The Journal stands behind it's storied history, since 1823, and will never bow to big wig politicos on Capitol Hell and the Hidden Agenda.

Monster Cable, maker of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, speaker cable and power conditioners has been permanently blacklisted. Two attempts by two parties to get the company to respond to knowingly replacing a pair of headphones that broke, and were deemed “virtually indestructible”, with the same headphones that failed in the same way constitutes at the very least fraud and false advertising. Therefore we encourage all Journal readers to cease purchasing products from this company at all costs until they own up to their claims.

Department of Homeland Security has been added to the Journal Blacklist. Since 1823 it has been our responsibility to report the Truth in our crisp platinum lined pages and scrutinize others, not the reverse. Thus based on the light of DHS keeping tabs on bloggers, Journalists and influencers the Journal must therefore add them to the indefinite Blacklist. The Journal has existed before Fake News existed and will exist long after as we have passed 195 years of Truth to the populace. Any information coming from DHS can only be assumed to be the work of the Hidden Agenda going forward and therefore cannot be trusted.

We encourage all Journal readers as always to flood congressmen with letters of petition, phone calls etc. and investigate our previous Blacklist entries to protect themselves from unjust and unfair business practices.

Charles J. Willington
Editor in Chief